Keith Walter


Ground Truth (formally xAd)

Freelance Creative Consultant

  • Supported European ad builds and Weatherbug App custom ad creation

Tapad 4/2014 to 4/2016

Art Director

  • Responsible for all company design needs, including client builds, mocks for pitches and multiple marketing projects
  • Created and managed Tapad's design department
  • Worked with sales team to develop new products to offer clients
  • Educated and trained sales team about rich-media advertising capabilities
  • Worked closely with clients to ensure all expectations were met and campaigns were executed successfully
  • Managed two in-house designers and external vendors
  • Championed best practices for cross-screen targeted advertising, and helped to align client's advertising to meet their KPI goals

Freelance 1/2013 to 4/2014

Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Droga5 – Worked on pitch work and presentation design for various cients
  • Cinchcast – User interface consultant for steaming internet application
  • Harrison and Star – Digital Art Supervisor overseeing the Tasigna® and Gleevec® account

Jumptap 4/2011 to 1/2013

Senior Graphic Designer

  • Lead in-house design department and managed design teams in New York and Boston
  • Created the ads for the first $500K, $1 million and $3 million signed ad deals in company's history
  • Moved company closer to hitting revenue goals by expanding its design offerings to clients
  • Educated and instructed sales and sales development in the ways of mobile advertising
  • Implemented a better workflow system to improve ad turnaround times and team communication for clients needs and deliverables
  • Collaborated with the marketing department to rebrand the company and improve collateral

Songza 1/2011 to 3/2011

Freelance Web Design Consultant

  • Coded the front-end aspects of the website using HTML, CSS, JS and JQuery
  • Helped to streamline the user sign up process and music playlist creation

Transverse 3/2007 to 5/2010

Creative Director

  • Oversaw all design needs for Transverse including outsourcing, project planning and management
  • Was responsible for all information architecture for client projects
  • Created an On Device Portal (ODP) that helped to land multi-million dollar account
  • Worked with client to translate their business requirements to match with their design needs and goals
  • Designed client Point Of Sale system interface that aids sales agents in accessing multiple systems easily

Fearless Concepts 10/2006 to 1/2007

Creative Director

  • Managed the design department: which consisted of 3 art directors and 3 production artists
  • Interacted and communicated with clients such as: Island Records, Def Jam Records, Janet Jackson, Ubisoft, Fall Out Boy, Comedy Central, Blue Note Records,, T.J. Martell Foundation, Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Capitol Nashville
  • Reviewed and directed all design work and oversaw integration of client feedback
  • Collaborated with the technology department for implementation and rollout of client sites
  • Contributed to the streamlining of the QA process

GIST Communications 7/1999 to 10/2006

Art Director

  • Directed the design team, including product design, graphic creation of user interface design, client design requests and print work
  • Created the first content-rich interactive magazine for the television (This was first deployed on Echostar.)
  • Led design projects and coordinates them across multiple Gist departments
  • Oversaw the creation of several products, both domestic and international, that have gone from concept to deployed including products on Echostar, Charter Cable, and Starchoice
  • Created an interface for Gist's Video on Demand (VOD) product (patented)
  • Designed the interface for the first Mobile Remote PVR cell phone product and recommendation engine (UGuide)
  • Designed and coded the corporate web site and the front-end of the UGuide web site

APL Digital 9/1998 to 7/1999

Production Artist

  • Concepted and designed all graphics (i.e. web site and banner production) for such clients as Iridium, Lego, UPS, Ammirati Puris Lintas and APL Digital
  • Designed and produced the style guide for the APL public web site

Booz Allen and Hamilton 12/1995 to 9/1998

Special Projects Coordinator

  • Responsible for project management, development of interactive presentations, design, coding and meeting coordination


Northeastern University 9/1990 to 6/1995

  • Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, Concentrating in Interface Design

Boston Visual School 6/1994 to 8/1994

  • Won a scholarship to study painting, sculpture and design in Viterbo Italy


  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Image Ready, Fireworks, Premier, Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, HTML, CSS, Mobile design, Celtra Ad Creator, Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Stop Motion Animation, Storyboarding, Offset Printing. Extremely knowledgeable about the ITV environment, Understands the limits to J2ME, Brew and cell phone hardware plus html5, Java Script and CSS3 on mobile devices


Co-Chair for IAB HTML5 for Digital Advertising Working Group

  • Worked to help set guidelines for HTML5 advertising best practices. Set up the first guidlines tat set the baseline for HTML5 ad standards still used today.

2015 MARCOM Gold Award

  • Spotlight: Tapad Creative Team + MTV 2015 MARCOM Gold Award MTV VMAs - Orientation Responsive Interactive Video A new vision on how video can and should be experienced on mobile devices. Responsive design allows users to watch full screen video content in either horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • Demo: Can be seen here


  • Spotlight: Tapad Creative Team + MTV 2015 Award of Excellence for Interactive Media MTV VMAs - Orientation Responsive Interactive Video The winning campaign focused on awareness and engagement KPIs surrounding MTV's 2015 Video Music Awards and demonstrates how video can be optimally experienced on mobile devices.
  • Demo: Can be seen here