Keith Walter

A little bit about me

  • With over 24 years as a graphic designer I bring my diverse experience, ability to think quickly, and resourcefulness to a firm, agency or in-house environment. Equally ready to lead or be part of a team, I can take a project from concept to completion and ensure it functions in the most intuitive way possible. I have worked with a variety of globally known brands such as JetBlue, Snickers, MTV, Victoria Secret, UPS, Chevy, Nikon, Island/Def Jam and Adidas. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with these renowned brands and I am proud of the work. I began my career in graphic design before the start of the internet boom and have worked in the mobile environment since its infancy. I approach design with a technical mind for how it will be executed. I thrive at helping clients reach their goals, whether it's making a big splash with a short run high impact campaign like for MTV or being out of the box with "The first car to write graffiti" for Chevy's Sonic campaign.

    I have worked hand in hand with Marketing at times to help with rebranding and create materials to be used by sales and staff. I am equally comfortable concepting a new look or help freshen up an existing brand.